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Do I Love Myself?

Do you?

You think "yes", right? That's what I thought too.

Back story: I just stepped out of a long term relationship.

I thought I loved myself fully, so why do I now feel a lack?

I've come to realize self-love is a lifetime journey with lots of surprises, like "oh I guess I don't love myself enough for x, y, z."

Even when the Universe keeps affirming that I'm worth it. Just yesterday I was debating if I was really worth the cost of all the cold pressed juice my body craved, and when I got to the store I was given the juice for free! We think we are not worthy and the Universe keeps telling us worthiness is our birthright.

Can you think of a time this past week the Universe affirmed your worth for you? It can be simple, like catching all the green lights when you're running late for yoga. It can be ground breaking, like getting a loan approved. What's in your heart-wallet?

But y'all I really thought I loved myself. I mean, I do yoga. I meditate semi regularly. I stand in a firm grounding of self-love so that I may be a healer and a giver to others. But surprise, I woke up feeling lack today. And that is not a space I want to give from. You may have read my recent instagram post on the relationship of Love & non-attachment. When you come from a place of pure love, you feel truly free, and want others to be free as well. When you come from a place of lack, you cling to others to fill that void. I want to be the one to fill up my cup.

So many of us are givers. We love Love and we love to pour it out again and again to everyone we meet. When I went to show love to myself today all I could think about were the people I want to show love to. I want to love you so badly, but I realize to do that fully and freely I need to love myself first. Take a deep breath and be with yourself for a moment.

Recently I was meditating on the heart chakra and this phrase came to me so suddenly and strikingly: "Of course you're lovable, you are Love." I didn't even realize I wasn't feeling lovable. But this is so true. Do you feel it is easy for others to love you? We all come from a source of Love, so it is incompatible to believe you are in anyway unlovable.

Underneath all those clothes you wear, you are just a ball of Love. Tap into that. Breathe into that heart space and feel into your essence. Breathe into what you find there. Let that space expand and cover you. Let your own Love touch you all over and envelope you.

Self Love Recommendations: hot baths, rose quartz, naked dancing, naked anything, heart chakra meditations, yin yoga, Archangel Ariel.

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