2017 my year without alcohol

This year was tough, for so many reasons. It was also the year I decided to abstain from alcohol. 365 days. From January 1st to December 31st. And I'm almost there. Let's start with the "whys"

Why not?

Being from the greater New Orleans area, it always felt like debauchery was my birthright. Over drinking was not just socially acceptable, it was the way. And how dare I depart from "the way"? I had never stopped to think about my drinking habits and how they affected my overall well being. What I was lacking was intention. An evaluation of why I drink and how much I actually want alcohol to be incorporated into my life.

This year, 2017, has been a major year for me, as well as for many of you I am sure. I'm not going to get into woo woo astrology stuff here (insert eclipse season shout out), but I think we can all admit things got a little intense. Stepping into this year I felt an intuition that I would need to be sober for what was about to happen. Processing. Just like junk on your laptop slows down your streaming capabilities (I think, I don't really know how the internet works), alcohol makes it difficult to understand what's going on around you and within you. Through my sobriety, I was able to process emotional hardships such as moving a thousand miles from my partner, handling family illness, navigating my career, and so much inner growth. I needed this.

I'm not saying a glass of wine makes one emotionally inept, but the pace of which things have been happening called for utmost clarity. It has called for a healthy mind and a healthy body to buckle up and handle its shit. And I am so grateful for the growth that has been cultivated in my clarity.

Back in 2016, after a long day of work or a heavy moon cycle, I would have a nice big glass of wine to help me through. This year I did not have that glass to lean on, and it made me that much stronger.

Moving forward to 2018. I want to talk about intention.I want to talk about why it made you uncomfortable when I didn't drink. I want to know what that stirred up for you.

When I have a glass of wine I want it to be for my highest interest not my lowest. Celebration not habit. And I want an open discussion on our alcohol preferences whether healthy or not. If you love drinking to excess, that's great! Tell me why. If you feel shame in that statement, tell me what that comes from.

I will be hosting an open conversation on drinking in the new year. Join to talk about history, spirituality, society, and how and why alcohol is ingrained in all these things. We will meet the evening of January 7th in New Orleans, check out the Facebook event for details. This is not an event to convince people to be sober. It is simply to discus why we do the things that we do. Much love.