physical/emotional holiday detox tips

Get cozy. It's a heart filling season.

Everyone's life gets a little up and down during the holidays. Your schedule gets packed with holiday events and work deadlines before said holiday events, and party preparation deadlines before each said event. And then there are the actual celebrations. You walk into a room filled with people (social anxiety trigger), there is alcohol, there is a degree of excessive eating only acceptable this time of year, and for most of us these rooms are filled with family.

the anxiety. the excitement. the joy. the too much joy. the tears. the hangover. the belly ache. the pie.

Here are some tips to get you through:.


I like to think of twists as giving a gentle hug to my organs. For centuries now yogis have claimed that healthy twists (cue safety in the low back) gently cleanses the liver, digestive system, and lymphatic system. When you unwind, new blood is pushed into these systems promoting cellular detox.


There are as many benefits to drinking tea as there are kinds. To relax and unwind after a stressful day this season I recommend a warm cup of chamomile tea, or a calming blend. The hot water alone serves in releasing unwanted tension. If it is the day following a big feast, I recommend ginger, turmeric, lemon teas to fight the inflammation that comes with indulgent foods.


This is the time of year for giving thanks. You are invited to sit and list all the things you are thankful for. You make a list of those you love and want to give back to with gifts. Some of us sit with what/who we are thankful for until we cry tears of joy and abundance. This may not be you, but that's okay. The littlest bit of gratitude can save you from your grinchy tendencies. When we give thanks, the energy of our hearts open up and we allow more joy into our lives. If you haven't made a list of what/who you're grateful for, I recommend you sit with that when you have the time, and notice if your attitude has shifted for the remainder of the day.


Ah, tourmaline, the "everything you say bounces off of me and turns to butterflies" crystal. This black rock will help protect you from the loving "what are you doing with your life/ do you really think that dress is appropriate" comments. Essential during and after big holiday events and get togethers.

Citrine, the yellow/golden stone, keeps you in a "good mood". This stone brings your energy up, which is such a best friend after all that heavy food and emotional hangover. Thanks for getting me to work on Black Friday citrine.

And, as always, breathe. I recommend taking three deep breaths before walking into your next holiday event to provide some emotional centering before the excitement. If you feel any of these events/people affect your energy/emotions strongly, say a prayer or intention with these breaths to stay protected and centered throughout the event.

Remember to give back to yourself this holiday season. We spend so much time giving to others, it is easy to forget to take care of ourselves. By taking care of and loving yourself, you will be able to give even more care and attention to others. For advice on self-care, check out my post called "finding time for self-care." Namaste.