Fall Psychic Meditations- delving into the halloween spirit

First off, I'm not trying to "pumpkin spice" your meditations here. When you rip away the commercial covering, this time of year has a historical backing of the supernatural. And for good reason.

If you have ever read into spiritual traditions with an emphasis on the calendar year, you've probably heard the phrase "thinning of the veil" or some variation when it comes to this time of year. You may have written that off as hocus pocus without putting a thought into it, but I invite you to look a little further now. Picture a veil in your mind. This is traditionally worn over the face, obscuring what the wearer can see and how the wearer can be seen. Imagine this veil thinning, and both sides become a little more visible. This is what is happening.

Have you ever felt the spirit of someone you love with you? Have you seen a bird, a feather, a coin, and thought they were somehow "sent" for you? Chances are this has happened at least once in your life, you felt someone there and just couldn't "see" them.

Maybe you're a haunted house junkie and get a thrill off sensing a presence.

Well, this sheet or veil or whatever you want to call it, is super thin right now. But what does that mean?

It means it's easier to communicate with things that can't usually be seen.

It means that Nana you want to apologize to for breaking her vase, she hears you. You want to ask your dead uncle for a sign he's still in your life, the signs will start flowing in. When you calm the mind and become present, these "presences" will start popping up. And if this freaks you out, you are probably even more sensitive to this form of communication (sorry, not sorry).

So take the time. Quiet your mind and ask your questions. See who's there.

One great tool is freehand writing. Take out a journal and write your questions down. Then, without thinking, write the answers as they come into your head.

Another great tool is this guided meditation below.

You will notice a white noise accompanying the video. Allow it to soothe you away from any distractions.