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Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes relaxation and energy healing. Britt practices an intuitive form of reiki, combining different healing modalities to fit her client's needs. These modalities include crystal healing, aromatherapy, and angelic healing. Reiki serves to clear any energy blockages in your field, and help you release old emotions and thought patterns that are no longer serving you. No matter where you are physically, mentally, or emotionally, reiki will help to align you with the spirit and intentions of your Higher Self.

Life coaching sessions provide you the support you need on your journey. While you spend time clarifying your Divine Path, life coaching aligns your steps with your highest interest. This is especially recommended when what you want feels unclear, and you crave the tools to figure things out for yourself.

When receiving energy healing, physical space is not an issue. Clients can receive the same amount of healing from anywhere in the world. Clients can receive reiki, life coaching, yoga, and meditation via Skype, straight to their living room/office.

You don't have to admit you believe in ghosts to recognize how much better your home feels after a thorough clearing. Old energies will be cleared out of your space, and divine light will be brought in. Recommend for new homes, post break ups, ghost encounters, and anytime the energy just feels blah.

Everybody and your grandmother are doing yoga these days, and there's a million reasons why. Yoga serves to align the energy in your body and restore what needs to be recharged. Through movement, work through emotions stored in the body, and through stillness, work on cultivating a state of inner peace. Whatever you need, there is always an answer in yoga.


By cultivating a connection with the breath, we tune into the present moment, and this is where all things happen. When the mind quiets, clients tune into the Self behind the thoughts. This tuning in is known to reduce anxiety and improve overall wellbeing. Guided meditations can be altered to meet each client's needs. Meditative journeys, inner child work, angels, spirit guides, and aromatherapy are several modalities that may be incorporated.

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