Brittany Voelker

Brittany is a healer born and raised in the greater New Orleans area, and could dream of no better home base for her practice than uptown. Working with a team of angels (literally), Brittany uses reiki energy to clear and balance the chakra energy centers, as well as applying aromatherapy and crystals to heal all parts of the auric field. Her gentle touch and calming voice leads clients through a healing experience, bringing wellness to all their many layers.

Brittany received her Reiki Master training in Portland, OR, and her Yoga Teacher Training here in New Orleans, LA.


what can I expect from my session?

"Brittany's reiki sessions are truly healing. Every session I had with her was true bliss. You'll feel the energy moving through your whole body. I can highly recommend her service, you'll enjoy every second with her."

-Andrea S.

"Brittany gave me a session that was profound on so many levels. The room was quiet but the energy was undeniably present and powerful. A number of issues surfaced in my mind and I definitely had an out of body experience. She is extremely connected to the earth that grounds her and the people she meets. I know after our session that she is gifted and I will be back for more!"

-Susie E.

"My experience brought to light so many things I needed clarity on in the most beautiful and powerful way. The room is surrounded with a crazy amazing amount of love and energy and you leave with such peace and healing."

-Ashley P.


"You know that type of thirst, the one that only a fresh glass of cold water can cure. That is what comes to mind when I think of Brittany. She is like a tall glass of fresh water. I have had the pleasure of working with Brittany in more than one setting and must say she is consistent throughout. During my reiki sessions with Brittany she went over and beyond to ensure I felt relaxed. She came to the session clear so that she was able to truly be with me. She makes you feel comfortable as if you were sitting with a long time friend and she brings forth wisdom as if she was put on this earth to serve others in this way. She is living and breathing her dharma and the city of New Orleans is lucky to have her."

-Lauren R.

"The knowledge she gave me about my energy body was spot on & she picked up on the information that I needed to have vocalized to me. I left feeling a bit drained, from the energy clearing, yet lighter & ready to take charge of my life."

-Emily D.

"Brittany is a truly gifted healer. She is compassionate and created a grounding safe space for healing. I liked how she incorporated the use of crystals and aromatherapy in my session. She is connected to a divine source and brings that light in with her. I highly recommend her!"

Liz L.